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How to Install PreView

We strive to offer multiple options for training employees. We have begun creating a series of “How To” Install PreView videos. Our first one has been completed and can be accessed below. If you would like to have your company featured in one of our How To videos, please contact sales@preco.com

Do you have a story to tell about your experiences with PreView? We’d love to feature your story on an upcoming editorial or customer story segment. Simply email sales@preco.com

Did you know…

The average cost per day for a NON-INJURY accident depends on the industry?

Construction vehicle downtime costs average $4,000 per day

Mining vehicle downtime costs vary by minerals being mined. One customer reported costs at almost a half a million dollars when they were down for one week (click for story).

Utility vehicle downtime costs averages $2,500 per day

Waste vehicle downtime costs averages $3,500 per day

These costs do NOT include medical, litigation, or the emotional costs when an injury occurs (according to NIOSH)

Dare to Compare:

It’s not even close. There is no other system proximity ranging on the market today that works as well as PreView in the heavy duty industry.


  Preview Ultrasonic Camera
Consistently works in severe duty applications X    
Provide driver w/ audible & visual in-cab warning X X  
Operation in extreme weather conditions X    
Support multiple inputs X   X
Compatible weather safety tool X   X
Support on-road and off-road vehicles X   X


The benefits, features and great versatility of Preco’s PreView technology positions it as a premier safety system for on-road, off-road use, and many non-vehicle applications.

 Please contact Preco with any questions regarding your specific safety application needs.