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Small Accidents, Big Costs

It might seem a little backing accident that didn’t result in any injuries wouldn’t be a big deal for a large company—but even a small mishap can have big consequences.

Routine Backing Leads to a Fatality

It only takes a moment to change an everyday work situation into a tragic scene. And, after a construction site fatality, those involved are left wondering, could we have done more to prevent this? A NIOSH investigation answers that question for one blind-spot accident.

PreView Radar in the Spotlight

PreView Radar has received some excellent journalistic attention lately. Both MSW Management magazine and Grading and Excavation Contractor magazine are running articles this month that highlight the benefits of using PreView Radar’s object detection systems.

Kids (and Dogs) Help Educate on Blind-Spot Safety

The concept of “blind-zone safety” can feel a little abstract for many people, even industry insiders. And those lines and graphs about blind-spot measurements put out by NIOSH don’t give a strong real-world sense of exactly what you might not be able to see from the cab of an oversized vehicle.

Accident Prevention Failure: Jail Time for Careless Driving

In the U.S., commercial drivers know that the most serious consequence they’re likely to face for accidents is legal action. That’s not the case in England, where a refuse truck driver received 36 weeks of jail time for careless driving that resulted in a death.

Texas Includes TxDOT Workers in Move Over/Slow Down Law

TxDOT workers protected by Move Over/Slow Down lawTexas has expanded its established accident-prevention law requiring motorists to move over or reduce speed when passing emergency vehicles. Starting September 1, drivers are also required to either move out of the closest lane or slow to 20 MPH below the posted speed limit when approaching TxDOT workers or vehicles.

Accident Prevention Campaign: Toward Zero Deaths

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) has started a new initiative designed to change drivers’ behavior and reduce fatalities on the road. Called “Toward Zero Deaths,” their effort reaches out to drivers at the time when they’re most able to prevent accidents—when they’re on the road.

Split-Second Choices: Blind-Spot Training Can Help Drivers and Equipment Operators Save Lives

Scenario One: A recycling worker’s truck breaks down. A tow truck is dispatched to help, but the worker moves behind the backing truck as it is being relocated. He is pinned between the recycling truck and a parked trailer, causing his death.

Safety Tips for the Road

According to an article by Automotive Fleet Magazine, several easy measures can greatly reduce the likelihood of having a blind-spot collision when you’re on the road for work or pleasure. Here are their tips:

Girl Scout Troop 32 Designs PreView Radar’s Cart Display at WasteExpo

Girl Scouts working on Carts on Parade for PreView RadarEvery year the Environmental Industry Associations’ Women’s Council sponsors the

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